Which tea is best for you?

Which tea is best for you?

The choice is yours. All are fresh, delicious and invigorating!

Netto Gyokuro 
High grade gyokuro from Uji. This tea has a wonderful naturally sweet aroma and a crisp gyokuro taste. Delicious hot or iced and can be brewed at a higher temperature.

Netto Gyokuro

Uji Tezumi Gyokuro
The finest gyokuro from Uji. The best hand-picked leaves!

Uji Tezumi Gyokuro

Netto Sencha 
The highest grade sencha from Uji with a clean, slightly astringent taste.
Netto Sencha

Kabuse Tea
A balance of sencha and gyokuro. Kabusecha brews to a deep emerald green.

Potent tea that has been ground to a very fine powder. This tea is whipped to a bright green foam. For connoisseurs, our Houn no Uji matcha is of the highest quality.

Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Fukamushi Sencha
100% certified organic sencha with a rich, natural taste.

Fukamushi Organic Sencha

Organic Matcha
The finest Organic Matcha from Kyushu.

Organic matcha

The combination of quality sencha, puffed brown rice (genmai) and a bit of matcha give this tea a distinctive toasted barley taste and a rich green color. Genmaicha has a low caffeine content.


Tea Bags
Our tea bags are user-friendly and contain fresh, high quality sencha and gyokuro.

Green teabag
Gyokuro Tea Bags

All teas vary greatly in quality.

Even within first-harvest teas there are different grades of tea.

We purchase teas from several tea growers in Uji and Southern Japan. We sampled many teas before we selected those you will find in our catalog.

Japanese Green Tea Online only offers first-harvest teas.

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