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High quality Japanese green tea from selected growers in Uji. Organic sencha and matcha from Kyushu. Quality has always been our top priority!

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Uji Japanese Green Tea & Matcha

Uji is famous for producing outstanding gyokuro and matcha.

Uji has ideal conditions for Japanese green tea- misty climate, sloping hills, rich volcanic soil and a wide range of temperature between day and night.

Established in February 2000.

The first online shop to offer premium Japanese green tea shipped fresh from Japan!

Fresh teas are packed and sent to us daily. We keep a one week supply on hand so we can ship within one business day.



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Organic Japanese Green Tea

Organic Matcha

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Japanese Green Tea Cultivation

There are two tea harvests every year. First-harvest teas taste better and contain more health benefits.

Only premium first-harvest teas were selected for our catalog!

Japanese green tea is harvested from elegantly handled leaves. Much of the quality and rich color is due to their style of processing: steaming immediately after harvesting, then air drying.

This process does much to preserve the flavor, the fragrance, and the beautiful color of Japanese green tea.

Sencha is dried after steaming and, when dry enough, rolled into a variety of shapes until it is completely dry.

Gyokuro leaves are aged for about 3 months. Longer for some gourmet teas. Gyokuro is renowned for its smooth delicate taste.

Matcha differs from gyokuro in that the leaves are not rolled at all. After steaming, the leaves are thoroughly dried and veins are removed. This is tencha. The leaves are then ground into a superfine powder, and that powder is what is known as matcha.

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Japanese Green Tea Online offers teas that are invariably fresh, intensely flavored and rich enough to make several cups!

Diana Rosen, author of "The Book of Green Tea"

The Netto Gyokuro we ordered was wonderful! Very fresh with an elegant taste and aroma.

Elizabeth Wiggins, Miami, Fl

Your tea ceremony grade matcha is excellent!The highest-quality matcha I have found outside of Japan.

David Doucette, Chicago, IL

I've tried green tea from other shops, but your quality is second to none!

Florence Lunn, Greenwich, CT

The organic Fukamushi sencha and matcha are great! Thank you for offering such outstanding Japanese green tea!

Paul Jones, Melbourne, Australia