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Sencha, gyokuro, and matcha all vary greatly in quality.

There are 2-3 tea harvests every year. First-harvest teas taste better and contain more health benefits.

Only the highest-quality first-harvest teas were selected for our catalog. 

This commitment extends to all of our teas. Even genmaicha, a low caffeine tea containing sencha and puffed brown rice, is made from the choicest ingredients. A pinch of matcha has been added to give this delightful tea a bright green color and a crisp taste.

Fresh teas are packed and sent to us daily. We keep a one week supply on hand so we can ship within 24 hours.

Shipping from Japan enables us to be highly selective. From the beginning quality has been our top priority. This commitment to quality is why Japanese Green Tea Online has received accolades from tea experts, periodicals, and loyal customers.

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Green tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant which is native to Asia. The part of the plant used for making tea is found in the uppermost shoots. This is where the young, tender new leaves and buds are  formed. The top two leaves and the bud are prized both for their fullness of flavor and their ability to be twisted or rolled into a variety of shapes.

About 75% of all tea harvested in Japan is graded as sencha. The quality of sencha is, however, highly variable. Quality depends on the tea's origin, the season, and leaf processing techniques that are used.

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Japanese Green Tea Online offers teas that are invariably fresh, intensely flavored and rich enough to make several cups!

Diana Rosen, author of "The Book of Green Tea"

Your tea ceremony grade matcha is excellent!The high quality matcha I have found outside of Japan.

David Doucette, Chicago, IL

I've tried green tea from other shops, but your quality is second to none!

Florence Lunn, Greenwich, CT

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