Kabusecha Uji Kabuse Tea

Kabusecha is a Japanese word for cover (kabuseru), and tea (cha). Literally "covered tea".

This wonderful shade-grown tea steeps to a deep emerald green color. Aromatic and delightful! Less expensive than gyokuro too.

Farmers shade kabusecha for less time (7 to 14 days) than gyokuro (about 20 days). Gyokuro nets serve as a ceiling for the plants, kabusecha is covered in a way to still get in a bit of sunlight. Techniques vary by cultivar.

Kabusecha Kabuse Tea
Uji Kabuse Tea

Growing Kabusecha in the shade instead of direct sunlight makes the leaves dark green. The greener the leaves, the more the flavorful the tea when steeped and a taste that is a delightful balance between gyokuro and sencha.

Kaubusecha leaves

Uji is the premier region for shaded green tea (kabusecha, gyokuro and matcha).