Uncover the Tradition of Kabusecha: The Perfect Blend of Cover and Tea

This exceptional shade-grown tea brews into a rich emerald green hue. Economical compared to gyokuro as well.

Farmers shade kabusecha for a shorter duration (7 to 14 days) compared to gyokuro (around 20 days). Gyokuro nets act as a canopy for the plants, while kabusecha is covered to allow some sunlight. Cultivation techniques differ based on the cultivar.


Kabusecha Kabuse Tea
Uji Kabuse Tea

Shade-grown Kabusecha results in dark green leaves, enhancing flavor when brewed for a delightful balance of gyokuro and sencha!

Kaubusecha leaves

Uji is the premier region for shaded green tea (kabusecha, gyokuro and matcha).