Organic Japanese Green Tea & Matcha

Organic teas are produced across Japan. Our sencha and matcha come from experienced tea growers in Kyushu. They combine traditional and modern techniques to cultivate tea brimming with flavor and benefits!

Our organic tea has the Japan Agricultural Standard (JAS) seal of approval

Organic seal of approval

Fukamushi Sencha

Fukamushi Organic Sencha
Fukamushi sencha is double-steamed for mellowness and has a rich, natural taste.

Deep green color, a full rounded flavor with distinctive fine-floating tea leaves. Delicious and healthy!


Steamed organic leaves

The fresh leaves are steamed longer. When it is brewed, the tea becomes a vivid yellow/green.

Mimatsu Organic Matcha

Organic matcha

The finest organic matcha from Kyushu. This wonderful tea has a rich umami flavor and a deep natural green color. 

We sampled organic matcha from all over Japan and selected Mimatsu Matcha.

Both are kept fresh in cold storage until an order is placed.

100% Organic Japanese Green Tea

The strictest standards for organic certification come from the United States, Germany, and Japan.

These standards ensure that the tea is grown and processed according to organic principles, without the use of synthetic chemicals or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

The cultivation and harvesting involves a combination of traditional knowledge, sustainable practices, and modern techniques to produce a high-quality and environmentally friendly tea.

Grown with only natural organic fertilizers and no agricultural chemicals.

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