Organic Japanese Green Tea & Matcha

Organic teas are produced across Japan. Our sencha and matcha come from experienced tea growers in Kyushu. They combine traditional and modern techniques to cultivate teas brimming with flavor and benefits!

Fresh Organic Japanese Green Tea

The strictest standards for organic certification come from the United States, Germany, and Japan.

Grown with only natural organic fertilizers and no agricultural chemicals. All teas on this page carry the Japan Agricultural Standard (JAS) organic seal of approval.

Our organic tea has the Japan Agricultural Standard (JAS) seal of approval.

Organic seal of approval

Fukamushi sencha is delicious and aromatic.

Organic sencha
The finest organic sencha from Kyushu. Fukamushi sencha is double-steamed and has a rich taste.


Mimatsu Organic Matcha


100% organic matcha from Kyushu. This wonderful tea has a rich flavor and a deep natural green color.

We sampled organic matcha from all over Japan and selected Mimatsu Matcha.

All tea is kept fresh in cold storage until an order is placed.  Premium organic green tea & matcha shipped directly from Japan!