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Welcome to our gourmet tea shop!

Japanese Green Tea Online has been in business since February 2000. But what is even more important is the selected tea growers we purchase from have been in business for generations.

The Itoh family farms in Uji have been growing high-quality green teas & matcha since 1715. Their teas are renown for their richness of flavor.

Japanese green tea harvest

We ship high-quality teas from selected tea growers directly to our customers

The first online shop to offer premium Japanese green tea & matcha shipped fresh from Japan!

Sencha. Only quality leaves from the first harvest are selected.

Gyokuro (JadeDew). Even within Japan it is expensive and considered a luxury.

Matcha.This invigorating tea consists of tencha (specially harvested gyokuro) that has been ground to a fine powder and whips into a rich froth.

Organic teas. 100% certified organic sencha and matcha of the highest quality.

Teabags. Quality teabags that consist of 100% fresh natural tea leaves with no artificial flavors, colors, additives, preservatives, or sweeteners

We ship high-quality teas from selected tea growers directly to our customers. This guarantees you optimum freshness.

Here you will find both value and quality. We guarantee the freshest Japanese green teas you can purchase online.

Lawrence O'Connor
President and Founder
Japanese Green Tea Online

Lawrence Japanese Green Tea Online