Gyokuro from Uji | Premium Gyokuro Shipped Fresh from Japan!

This truly special green tea is rich in “umami” flavor. It has a delicate sweetness and a high L-theanine antioxidant content.

Gyokuro production originated in Uji

Gyokuro in cup

Excellent climate and ideal conditions make Uji famous for cultivating the finest gyokuro teas!

 Uji gyokuro is special

Only the youngest flush leaf is picked for high-quality gyokuro. Special cultivation techniques are employed to produce a tea that is famous for its rich flavor and emerald green color!

Gyokuro tea plants are grown in the shade for approximately three weeks before harvesting begins. This gives gyokuro a unique, slightly sweet taste.

Removing direct sunlight in this way reduces leaf photosynthesis which alters the proportions of flavonoids, amino acids, sugars, and other substances that provide tea aroma and taste.

Gyokuro is a delicious gourmet tea

Netto Gyokuro leaves are (unlike sencha) aged for about 6 months. Uji Tezumi Gyokuro is aged for 1.5 years.