Which Water is Best for Green Tea?

Optimal Water for Japanese Green Tea

Immerse the leaves in hot water to brew tea.  The heated water extracts the compounds of the tea leaf. The aroma and flavor that give green tea its unique essence.

During harvesting and processing Japanese green tea leaves are dried.  Unlike black tea Japanese green tea is not fermented during processing.

Does your area have hard water or soft water?  The water from your tap could be hard water or soft. Here is a website that has a hard or soft water map of the USA.

Soft water is best. Hard water contains a higher concentration of minerals.  Minerals can interfere with essential components of green tea and negatively effect the taste.

Use distilled, purified or bottled water if you live in an area with hard water. Or use a water softener filtration system.

Pouring green tea at optimal temperature

Temperature is important in brewing Japanese green tea

Here is a guide to the optimal temperature to use for each tea type at our shop. These are suggestions, not rules.

This guide also illustrates traditional cooling methods if you do not use an electronic kettle.

Please check out our Brewing & Preparation page also.

Green tea mug

Enjoy a delicious cup of Japanese green tea today!




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