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Shincha has the wonderful aroma of freshly picked leaves. It is prized in Japan for its high catechin content.

Ichibanzumi Shincha
In Uji, there are 5 grades of shincha. Ichibanzumi is from the highest grade!

Okutani Uji Shincha

The highest quality shincha from Uji. Only the best leaves were selected. Rich, aromatic, and delicious!

Sold out until spring 2024.

Tokoji Organic Shincha

The finest shincha from Shizuoka. 100% certified organic.

Tokoji Organic Shincha

Sold out until spring 2024.


"Shincha" means "new tea" in Japanese. Available in spring and early summer or as long as supplies last.

Shincha harvesters

Spring shincha harvesters.

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