Does matcha taste bitter?

Does matcha taste bitter?

At the lower end of the scale you have a lot of bitterness, but as you go up in quality the bitterness is replaced by a delicious creamy taste. The Japanese word for this taste is "umami".

Matcha comes in many varieties and they vary greatly in quality.

High Quality Matcha is Healthy and Delicious

Ceremonial Grade Matcha
Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Lower quality, culinary, and mass-produced matcha teas taste bitter. The processing is commercial and emphasis is placed on quantity rather than quality. The color and taste are inferior and there are fewer health benefits. There are more health-promoting compounds in high-quality matcha teas. They taste better too.

Premium Grade Matcha
Premium Grade (Thin) Matcha

Organic matcha also varies greatly in quality and price. After sampling teas from all over Japan we selected Mimatsu Matcha from Kyushu for our catalog. Smooth, delicious and 100% certified organic.

Organic Matcha
Mimatsu Matcha (Organic)

The appearance, taste and aroma of Matcha is influenced by the climate and soil of where it was produced. Uji is famous for producing exquisite matcha. For more on matcha please click here.

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