The water temperature to make a good cup of gyokuro

Reduce water temperature by pouring hot water from one container to another.                

 Bring the kettle to a boil.


 Pour hot water from the kettle into the pot. This procedure warms the teapot.


 Pour hot water from the pot into the water cooler, mug or heat-resistant measuring cup.  If you use a measuring cup, it allows you to measure the proper amount of water to make tea.


 Pour hot water into each cup.


 Place tea leaves in the warmed teapot.


  Pour hot water back into teapot and brew for 2 - 3 minutes.


 To ensure flavor is equally distributed in each cup, pour the tea into the cup from one end to the other.


 Then go back and forth filling each cup in reverse order.


 Keep pouring until the teapot is empty.

  Leave the top ajar to prevent further steaming for the second brew.