Optimum Water Temperatures for Tea & Matcha

Optimum Water Temperatures

Best room temperature, 24 degrees Centigrade (75 degrees Fahrenheit)

Here are some traditional methods. Also useful as a guide if you have an electronic water heater.

Boiling hot water,  100 °C (212°F)


    Pour water from the kettle into a thermos flask or bottle. 97°C (206°F) 


    Cool water in the flask for about 1 minute.  87°C (188°F)

A good temperature for Netto Gyokuro, Netto Sencha, Genmaicha,  Gyokuro Tea bags.

        Cool for 2 minutes. 


A good temperature for Matcha.

          Cool for 5 minutes. 

70°C (158°F) 

A good temperature for Fukamushi cha.

       Cool for 10 minutes. 

60°C (140°F)

A good temperature for Uji Tezumi Gyokuro.

Allow less time for cooling the water during winter.