Iced Green Tea with Tea Bags

Iced Green Tea with Tea Bags

Tea bag customers- when preparing hot tea, you will get the best results if you do not move the bag back and forth. Let the bag soak motionless in a cup of hot (not boiling) water for 2 minutes.

This changes when you prepare iced green tea. To prepare iced tea with any of our teabags-

1. Pour 500 cc (16 ounces) of room temperature water into a container.

2. Add the teabag. Move it back and forth several times.

3. After 15 seconds or so of moving the teabag back and forth place the container in the refrigerator. Leave the bag inside.

4 Chill for one hour. Take the container out of the refrigerator, remove the teabag, then pour yourself the finest tea you can make with a teabag!

Gyokuro tea bags
Gyokuro Tea Bags

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