Genmaicha is Healthy and Delicious

Genmaicha is Healthy and Delicious


Genmaicha is good for...

  • Keeping blood sugar lever low -- Gamma-orizanol contained in brown rice helps to keep blood sugar level low.  Gamma-orizanol stimulates insulin production and slows the rapid increase in blood sugar level.
  • Anti-aging effects -- Vitamin E and catechin contained in genmaicha have the benefit of preventing skin's aging.  Vitamin C and vitamin B contained in genmaicha help prevent mottled skin and produce collagen. Antiaging
  • Stress release -- GABA ( Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid) helps relieve stress and anxiety.  Roasted rice aroma and theanine enhance relaxation. 
  • Prevention of hypertension -- Catechin and GABA contained in Genmaicha keeps blood pressure low and prevents hypertension.  GABA is effective for cholesterol lowering, prevention of diabetes, arterial sclerosis and obesity.
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