Why are your teas fresher than other green teas?

After harvesting sencha and gyokuro leaves are rolled, dried naturally, packed into large square blocks and wrapped in foil. They are then carefully placed in wooden boxes and stored in a refrigerated room at a temperature of 1 degree centigrade. Humidity is strictly controlled.

Gyokuro leaves are usually aged for 3 months before putting them into storage to give them a mellow, sweet taste.

Green tea harvester

Teas stored in this manner remain remarkably fresh for a year or more. This storage method is the standard procedure for producers of high-quality gourmet green teas.

Teas are removed from this room, bagged, and sent to us weekly. An expiration date is on each bag you purchase. We keep a one week supply in reserve so we can ship to you within one business day.

No merchant who receives bagged teas from overseas and stores them until making a sale can match us in terms of freshness.

That is why it is important to order teas shipped directly from the source. Sencha is harvested two to three times a year. Gyokuro is usually harvested twice a year.

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