How do I clean my teapot and matcha bowl?

How do I clean my teapot and matcha bowl?

Cleaning a Japanese teapot is easy. Fill it halfway with clean water, then shake the pot gently back and forth to get the leaves out. Then rinse with clean water. You only need to use dish soap about once in every 10 times you wash the teapot.

Cleaning a Japanese teapot

Teapot screen cleaning

Matcha bowl- a little powder will cling to the bottom of your bowl so rinse your bowl and whisk at the same time. Rotate the bowl under running water and use your whisk to clean the inside of the bowl.

You can also wash with the dish soap of your choice. Then rinse it thoroughly in clean or purified water.

White Matcha Bowl

matcha whisking

To clean the whisk fill a bowl half-full of clean water and rotate the whisk. Or rotate it under the tap. Then rinse it gently with clean water.

After several uses, the bamboo will become stained green. This is normal, the whisk is still good. If you use a whisk twice a day, every day, your whisk should last about 6 months.

Matcha Whisk

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