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Japanese Green Tea Online

Japanese Green Tea Online was established in February, 2000

The first online store to provide gourmet teas shipped directly from Japan. From the beginning quality has been our top priority.

All teas are packaged and sent to us daily so we offer you the freshest premium Japanese green tea and matcha!

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Green Tea

    Uji Matcha Store

    Uji Matcha Grades- Thick and Thin Matcha

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    Sencha is a delicious tea with smooth leaves

    Sencha is dried after steaming and, when dry enough, rolled into a variety of shapes until it is completely dry. Sencha teas vary greatly in quality.


    Gyokuro is rich, invigorating and delcious

    The color is enhanced by covering the plants to shield them from sunlight and help the leaves produce more chlorophyl. Gyokuro is steamed, then the stalks are removed by finishing tools. The leaves are dried, rolled and twisted into elegant shapes.


    Matcha teas and sets

    Matcha comes from gyokuro leaves. The leaves are thoroughly dried after steaming. This is tencha. The leaves are then ground into a superfine powder, and that powder is what is known as matcha.


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    Premium Japanese green tea and matcha plus accessories for optimum preparation!

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