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Japanese Green Tea Online

Japanese Green Tea Online was established in February, 2000

We were the first online store to provided gourmet teas sent directly from Japan. From the beginning quality has been our top priority.

All teas are packaged from the source and sent to us daily so we offer you the freshest premium Japanese green tea and matcha!

  • Matcha

    Premium Japanese green tea

    • Teas in Japan are harvested 2 to 3 times a year. The highest quality teas come from the first harvest in the spring.
    • After harvesting the teas are wrapped and placed in cold storage. This keeps the teas fresh for a full year and is why it is important to order teas shipped directly from Japan.
    • We order fresh teas daily and ship them to you as soon as possible.
    • Teas vary greatly. Even within first-harvest teas there are different grades of tea. Only the finest teas are included in our catalogue.




    Iced Japanese Green Tea
    Iced green tea

    Sencha is a vivid green tea with smooth leaves

    Japanese tea is not fermented at all. The leaves are steamed immediately after harvesting to stop the fermentation process. Sencha is dried after steaming and, when dry enough, rolled into a variety of shapes until it is completely dry.

    Gyokuro teas are a deep hunter green

    The color is enhanced by covering the plants with black cloth or bamboo curtains to shield them from sunlight and help the leaves produce more chlorophyl. Gyokuro is steamed, then the stalks are removed by finishing tools. The leaves are dried, rolled and twisted into elegant pine needle shapes.

    Matcha Teas and Sets

    Matcha differs from gyokuro in that the leaves are not rolled at all. After steaming, the leaves are thoroughly dried. This is tencha. The tencha is then ground into a superfine powder, and that powder is what is known as matcha.

    Matcha is becoming popular outside of Japan because it is delicious and has many health benefits.

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