Shincha Fresh Spring Harvest Japanese Green Tea

Fresh Harvest Shincha

Shincha has the wonderful aroma of freshly picked leaves. Rich, aromatic and delicious!

Ohashiri shincha has a crisp, slightly sweet flavor. Organic shincha has a grassy taste.

 Okutani Shincha

Uji shincha

The finest shincha from Uji. Only the best hand-picked leaves!

Sold out.

Ohashiri Shincha

Kyoto Shincha

Premium Shincha from Kyoto

Sold out.

Tokoji Shincha

Organic Shincha 2019

Premium 100% organic shincha from Shizuoka.

100g (3.5 ounces) bag

Sold out.

Shincha is only available at JGTO during spring and early summer (or as long as supplies last).

Uji shincha harvesters

Japanese green tea shincha picker