Uji Gyokuro is Awesome

From harvesting to your cup, Uji tea leaves are subjected to an extensive and delicate process to reach the grade required for our shop.

Uji gyokuro  is characterized by its fine yellow-green color, rich aroma and mellow sweet flavor.

Gyokuro from Uji is special

For the finest gyokuro teas ‘"first flush" tea leaves are hand-picked, ensuring they’re of the highest quality.

Gyokuro tea plants are grown in the shade for about three weeks before picking. After the buds are picked, they are steamed, dried and
carefully kneaded. 
This gives gyokuro a unique, slightly sweet taste.

Uji has natural conditions favorable to tea growing, Hot sunny summers, cold winters, and frequently misty in the early morning hours.

Netto Gyokuro Leaves
Netto Gyokuro

Shaded for slightly less time. Aged for mellowness. The leaves are fine-drawn to make the finished tea able to be brewed with hotter temperatures.

A delicious autumn and winter tea. It makes an excellent iced tea during the summer. Wonderful all year round!

Uji gyokuro in teapot
Uji Tezumi Gyokuro

The finest gyokuro from Uji. Delicate, brew at  about 60 degrees Centigrade (140 degrees Fahrenheit).

Gyokuro production originated in Uji

Excellent climate and ideal conditions make Uji famous for cultivating the finest gyokuro!

Shading from sunlight began in Uji and Kyoto in the 16th Century. The "Tana" technique originated in the Uji/Kyoto region.

Centuries of experience and tradition make this region very special for green tea connoisseurs.



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